Adding an Aux In and an USB Charger Into the Dash

For a long time I have compromised with terrible sound quality in my 2003 VW Golf by using an FM transmitter to listen to music and books through my car’s stereo. Not only did the audio sound bad, but I had phone charging and transmitter audio cables hanging around everywhere. I finally decided to clean up this mess and get better audio quality by installing an inline FM modulator.

The biggest part of this project was removing the dash from my car. Fortunately, a great guy on YouTube, BMAC VAGS, has a detailed video on how to remove the dash from an MK4 VW.

With the dash panel on my dining room table, I drilled some holes and installed the iSimple IS32 TranzIt USB Universal Car FM Radio Modulator

After the inputs were installed in the dash, I just reversed the process to put everything back together!

Originally published at on October 25, 2014.

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